Design, decorate and reform in 3D without learning curve. Our servers make the photorealistic render of your project while you continue drawing on your computer. Catalogs of the main manufacturers updated and without download times.


NEWS 2021

New catalogs for Blophome: UMBROSA, DANCOOK and VIKING.

New Blophome Catalog. UMBROSA Cantilever umbrella and Sun shade sails
New Blophome Catalog. UMBROSA Cantilever umbrella and Sun shade sails
New Blophome Catalog. DANCOOK barbecues

UMBROSA (Cantilever umbrella and Sun shade sails). Catalog of umbrellas and awnings with the best designs on the market. The shade solutions by Umbrosa are a clear statement by both elegance and understated simplicity, and that in combination with a never seen way of ergonomics that puts 'easy to use' to a higher dimension.

DANCOOOK. It's the most widespread manufacturer of barbecues, with designs for all tastes and for all spaces.

VIKING. If you are looking for American-style kitchens, you will find them in this catalog. Simply sophisticated and a symbol of professional performance in the home, VIKING American kitchens are already a benchmark of exclusivity for the most demanding public. With a studied combination of elegance, power and exceptional performance and features.

The catalogs are also updated, Roca (the Roca catalog will have more updates soon), Ikea, Maison du Monde and Cosentino.

We can announce that the Blophome for MAC version will be available shortly,

Blophome for Apple-MAC

within the first quarter of 2021 , we have worked hard to meet Mac users, we hope it will facilitate usability.

NEWS 2019

Blophome contains two new catalogs.

New Blophome Catalog. GAGGENAU appliances
New Blophome Catalog. GAGGENAU appliances

GAGGENAU appliances to enhance various styles of bespoke and contemporary kitchens. The modern, bespoke kitchen design demands built in appliances that are made to work together. Stainless steel fridges integrating perfectly with large wine coolers. Ovens aligned with built in coffee machines, hobs seamlessly blending into Teppan Yaki. The choice of luxury kitchen appliances is key to making the space work. Cooktops, Extractors, Refrigerators, ... high-end with impeccable design and utility.

New Blophome Catalog. SIKA-DESIGN rattan
New Blophome Catalog. SIKA-DESIGN Wicker

Sika·Design. Bamboo furniture with discreet luxury style and centered on comfort, shows passion and compression of wicker and rattan. In their collections you can find iconic furniture designed by great architects, discover their headboards, armchairs, chairs, tables ...

News 2019. Garret ceilings, Trusses, Velux windows, Trees, Fitting image, ...
News 2019. Garret ceilings, Trusses, Velux windows, Trees, Fitting image, ...

Garret ceilings (slopping). Within the Blophome Catalog, in the 'Construction Objects/ Garret LINEAR' section, there are objects that allow the creation of inclined roofs such as Basket, Gambrel, Gable, Semicircular and Parabolic. These objects function as linear (point-to-point creation) allowing you to follow the walls and perform the shapes you want. They also allow, as in the walls, to insert elements that perforate them, whether windows, beams or holes. Learn to use them by visualizing the Garret Ceilings VideoTutorial.

Velux windows to insert in the new garret ceilings and in the walls, with curtains that can raise, lower and be eliminated.

News 2019. Garret ceilings, Trusses, Velux windows, Trees, Fitting image, ...
News 2019. Garret ceilings, Trusses, Velux windows, Trees, Fitting image, ...

New Catalog Trusses of different types: Fink, Howe, Kingpost, Mono, Queen, Parallel Howe, Storage, Truss, Horizontal and vertical beam. They are included in the Blophome catalog, in the section 'Construction Objects / Trusses'. They can be inserted under the sloping ceilings. The beams adapt to the inclination of the ceilings to be able to make a multitude of forms.

New Catalog of the well-known brand MUJI, surprising for its functional, attractive and unique design furniture.

Update of the Roca Catalog to the 2019 product, with new bathroom collections: Modo, Beyond and Carmen, new brassware: Insigna and Carmen, new tiles: Couvet, Abbev, Weekend ... and more.

New Tree Catalog. Within the Blophome catalog, in 'Greenery', is the new collection of large and small trees to decorate terraces and exteriors.

Add fitting image. In the 3D Project tab you will find a new functionality: 'Add fitting image', which allows you to place a background image as a guide to fit the perspective, in order to make comparisons before vs. after.

NEWS 2018

NEWS 2018


Camera editing. It allows to edit the camera and define it by parameters. In the Furniture tab, we have incorporated a new 'CAMERA' button that allows you to place the 3D camera in a visual way as if it were one more object in the scene. It is also possible to set their values of opening angle and height of point of view and point of destination.

Selection of objects with one click. To improve the navigation of the scene and facilitate positioning within it, we have changed the way objects are selected, now it is necessary to click on the object so that it passes to the selected state.

OpenGL optimization when the render is too slow. When there are many polygons or the graphic card is slow, blophome optimizes the render of work reaching the lines if necessary, so that the movement is faster.

It allows to drag textures on objects with finishes. Objects with defined finishes can be changed if desired by dragging any texture on the object.


IKEA. The Ikea Catalog is updated with the latest 2018 (Sofas and Armchairs, Furniture and Storage, Tables and Dining Rooms, Beds and Mattresses, Clothing Storage, Chairs, Lamps, Cooking and Dining, Decoration and Mirrors).

Fontanot. We have updated Fontanot, with spacesaver stairs and ramp stairs.

NEWS 2017

NEWS 2017

The newly launched versions of Blophome incorporate requests from Blophomers such as the PREMIUM versions which allow the user to enjoy features from the Professional version without the need to pay the full amount of that version.
For those who just want to take advantage of more catalogues we have the PREMIUM CATALOGS MEDIUM and the PREMIUM CATALOGS FULL.
For those who would like to use the FULLHD, Animation or 360/VR Renders we have the PREMIUM RENDERS.
And for those who wish to create their own 2D overlay Catalogue, include their own images for texturizing objects in the project or include their own Logo in the Render, we offer the PREMIUM IMAGES version.
It is also possible for users to combine their subscriptions for more than one PREMIUM version, adding functions, with each PREMIUM subscription requiring a separate purchasing process. We have created a comparison table for the different versions where you can see and compare the functions of all the Blophome versions.

For the PROFESSIONAL and the new PREMIUM IMAGES versions we have added new functions that allows the user to define the Logo image that appears in the Render and to determine its position, in the corners or centred. In My Site there is now a new Logos option which allows the user to create a list of Logos and to define their image and position.

We have launched a new image for the Web and for the application. The most significant changes include the new, less generic font and a contents layout which is adaptable to the various sizes of current devices, using all the available horizontal space and avoiding the use of the horizontal scroll. We hope this new image is to your liking and offers you a more enjoyable experience.



We have included new catalogues, some are contact catalogues and others are more detailed: Julia Grup, Kibuc, Decoramus, Benito, Maisons du Monde, Laufen. Blophome has a total of 42 catalogues.


Any help needed from another user? Are you a professional and want to help?


Our 360º images are compatible with Facebook 360 and Flickr VR.


The images below demonstrate the render 360 that you can achieve for your projects using the Professional version. Try it, and with a single render you will be able to navigate throughout your entire room.

360 VR 360 VR 360 VR 360 VR 360 VR 360 VR 360 VR 360 VR


Blophome has incorporated dimension drawings; they are available on the new tab "dimensions". The dimensions of the walls will be automatically implemented, you can move them, delete them, put your own levels and dimensions of object and narrow objects automatically. With the option of generating high-resolution dimension plans, you will have a bounded view of your project.


Draw your projects and give them animation to surprise those who need a “wow-effect”. Click on 3D project and start playing with the new animated render.

On our YouTube channel you can find three new videos in which you will find a help to start introducing vector objects and start using dimensions in the professional version.


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It is an application of interior design, interiorism, which allows to design, decorate and reform any space in 3D with professional results. The fact of allowing to publish the interior projects in our portal (blophome.com) and that these be commented, makes Blophome an interior design tool with social network power focused on interior design. It is an interior design program connected to the catalogs of the most important manufacturers (Ikea, Roca, Samsung, Cosentino, ...) that makes available to the software, furniture and products in 3D for designers and decorators to use them in their projects. This user-friendly interior design software, free of charge in its basic version (Classic), allows you to test all your creativity and your knowledge of interiorism to create dreamy interiors with its photorealistic render. It has more advanced versions (Premium, Professional) that provide design and decoration professionals more advanced functionalities, also for manufacturers it has the Business version.

By last, thanks to its 'Ideas' module together with the interior projects published on the portal, Blophome teaches how the designers (blophomers) use the furniture and products from the catalogs of the manufacturers, to serve as a source of inspiration in new designs

Definitely, Blophome is the design and decoration tool, in continuous evolution, more complete for interiorism.


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