Virtual reality

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With your professional blophome version, free VR glasses

Our 360º images are compatible with Facebook 360 and Flickr VR.

We have implemented the render so it can be visualised using VR glasses

Just to explain a bit about what VR glasses are: they are two lenses and a screen, which when you look through them it is as if you were inside the project (brief explanation)

In the last few years many types of VR glasses have been launched, but they can all be classified under two main groups: those that include a screen and those in which the screen is a mobile phone. Therefore, the price of a pair of VR glasses can vary between 6 euros to up to 800 euros.

Examples of those where the mobile if the screen are the Google Cardboard glasses, Cartonglass, VR BOX (which we are offering free), etc., and among those which include a screen, the forefather: Oculus, Sony, HTC, etc.

How to create a render for VR glasses

From Blophome Professional, click on 360º VR render

How to visualise a render with the glasses

Enter any 360º render generated using blophome Pro, from your Smartphone. For Android 4.4 or previous versions, we recommend you use Chrome.

You will see a black button that says Enter VR, click on it, place the Smartphone in the glasses and you will be inside the project.

Here are some examples


For buying blophome professional

Users of blophome professional

Offer valid until end of stock of the VR glasses

Only one pair of glasses will be sent per registration or renewal (one per user)

Users with monthly subscription will be able to request them after the next renewal.

Only in Europe

Upon entering blophome professional (or on the web, under the "my site" tab), an icon will appear: Free VR glasses: click on and fill out the fields with the address where you would like to receive your glasses.

The VR BOX glasses require a 4 to inch Smartphone with gyroscope.

The model of the glasses may vary, always within the same range