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What is it?

We created BlopHome pro for professionals who demand more BlopHome, higher quality renders, insert own objects, publish catalogs, ...

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Publish your own catalogue.

Create your own catalogue of products. It can be seen around the world, if you wish. The catalogue can be published or left unpublished for your own use.

Insert your own objects.

Insert your own objects combining them with textures. These objects can also be edited in your catalogue, for use by all blophomers.

Blocks from BlopHome and publish

Create blocks (groups of multiple objects) from BlopHome, for example: 1 table and 4 chairs and save it in your catalogue.

Better quality and Full HD renders

Better quality and Full HD renders. Not only have we increased the size to Full HD 1920 x 1080, but we have also increased the quality of the render.

Conversion of designs.

We convert your drawings into solids and meshes, with the 3DS, DWG, SKP, IGS, STL, FBX, DXF, OBJ formats to BlopHome. Transform them and imagine what you could do with them.

Animated render

The possibility of creating animated renders, a plus for the presentation of projects and products.

Dimensions and 2D Drawings

The wall dimensions are introduced automatically but you can move them, delete them or choose your own dimensions as well as automatically dimension any objects.

Bulletin Board

Advertise on the bulletin board as a professional, so other users will be able to contact you easily.

Professional User

Sign in from any BlopHome classic with your username/password, you will automatically access the professional version.

Renders in the cloud.

Manage renders from the BlopHome cloud. Manage your projects from any computer.

Projects in the cloud.

blopHome professional allows you to store your projects in the cloud.

Make your own textures.

Make your own textures.

Insert your own images, combining them with gloss, matte, embossed, etc., textures. These textures can also be edited in your catalogue, for use by all blophomers.

Perspectives without logo.

Perspectives without logo.

No logo will appear in the perspective so you can include your own. Your brand present in all your designs.

360º panoramic render.

360º panoramic render.

Visualise the virtual environment from a predetermined point with a surround image. Simply by moving the cursor.


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