NEWS June 2016


Hello everyone,

These are the lastest news from Blophome:

1 – Now you can place the 360º camera wherever you want.

2 – More background images for renders.

3 – Now you can insert tiles in your professional catalog (they’ll behave like tile coating).

4 – New Nais! Catalog.

5 – Maisons du Monde Catalog update.



There are new tutorials in YouTube on how to insert tiles:

View VideoTutorial 1
View VideoTutorial 2

and how to place the camera:

View VideoTutorial

You do not have the professional version yet? Go here.


Free VR Glasses


With your professional blophome version, free VR glasses.

The 360º renders for VR glasses. You can visualise the renders as though you were inside the project.

It isn’t just for geeks, with a simple Smartphone and a pair of glasses, you can experience virtual reality. On this web page we explain briefly what it is.

Offer valid until end of stock of the VR glasses. Conditions

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