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We begin this June with new catalogs and a new project in our blog. We take this opportunity to thank all of you for your confidence in the program we do with so much passion every day.


New catalogs in the professional version

This month we publish two new catalogs: SMALL DESIGN and ALESSI. Have you heard about them before? With ALESSI you can find a variety of decorative objects, corkscrews, decanters, wine racks, etc. and many more items that will complement your projects.

SMALL DESIGN, it is a Danish company specialized in the manufacture of kid’s furniture, you will find from tables to desks for the little ones.

Don’t you have the professional version yet? Go here.



New post in our blog: open space in a 60m2 flat

This time our blophomer –ona29– deals with an open concept apartment of 60m2, here you can see some of the renders we have selected and how was she inspired to design it. Give us your opinion in our blog:




Surfing the internet I stumbled upon an idea for an apartment distribution and I thought it was great post to share with you … so then I adapted it to this flat of 60m2. It is a space marked by the near absence of interior walls, except for a central rectangle, allowing free passage areas and open spaces. 4 walls of the box to locate long sides kitchen and dressing area creating corridors linking bedroom and living room and an TV lounge area and a partition wall for the bedroom.

From the bedroom, we go to the bathroom, which can also be accessed through the living room, bath and dressing room. It is closed by sliding doors and has been complemented by a pair of standing mirrors and a chair. After the dressing area, it follows an area of study or work that is already integrated into the living room.

We used a combination of neutral and natural colors on doors, flooring, furniture, textiles and accessories. Whites, land and some woods.

This project was carried out with the Blophome Professional version and furniture and lighting from the catalogs of the Maisons Du Monde, Cassina, Armani Roca and Bla Station.

You can download the project here:

Site of draft




What do you think?

Thank you very much for reading and again thanks to our blophomer –ona29–

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