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Blophome 100% ONLINE

With Blophome 100% Online have the ability to make your spaces from the browser (HTML5 support), no downloads or installations. Though, is very important to have an internet connection of high speed (> 10Mb) free of interruptions.

Provides the ability to work in shared mode and with this version you can work simultaneously in the same project together with others Blophomers, all actions over project that one Blophomer do, the others see it in real time and vice versa.

The browser must support HTML5, in order of EFFICIENCY recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE10 and Safari.

To use Blophome 100% Online, you must be Registered User Blophome (Blophomer) and Login with the user to the Web.

To work in an open project, along with other Blophomers, click 'Request Access' on one of the projects presented below.

To start a new project click 'new online'.