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Hot? Who said that?

Nimio. Furniture looking for people.

This month we have published a new catalog, reinforcing the range of children’s furniture, introducing our new one: NIMIO


In the catalog of NIMIO, a Spanish Company specialized in Wood furniture, you will find from children’s furniture to outdoor furniture.

Don’t you have the professional version yet? Go here.



New post on our blog: Provence has arrived to blophome by ona29

This time our blophomer –ona29– introduces us a new Project based on a kitchen in Provencal style. Give us your opinion in our blog:



And then the summer arrived, and in what way!! Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying a good shade in this cozy garden?

If we want to give that typical French Provencal air, not only we need that style in the garden but also the rest of the house, for example, we can use the forge and the wood furniture with finishes in natural colors like ivory, white, pickled or pastel colors; floors in wood or stone; painted plaster walls; wooden beams and why not?… hydraulic tiles, that now has become trendy!

As decorative elements we will use as simple objects such as vases, pots, wicker baskets, faucets, chandeliers and above all a profusion of flowers, do not miss out lavender that of course will help us to get a fresh and summery atmosphere.

As fabrics are characteristics linens and floral prints, but also we can uses fabrics to give a vintage touch.

Oh, and one more thing, to get a more Provencal style in the garden do not forget the wooden shutters so characteristic of the region.

This project was carried out with the Blophome Professional version and furniture and lighting from the catalogs of IKEA and Bla Station.

You can download the project here:–ona29–/






What do you think?

Thank you very much for reading and again thanks to our blophomer –ona29–

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