Blophome has incorporated dimension drawings; they are available on the new tab "dimensions". The dimensions of the walls will be automatically implemented, you can move them, delete them, put your own levels and dimensions of object and narrow objects automatically. With the option of generating high-resolution dimension plans, you will have a bounded view of your project.

We launch the new catalog of CASSINA: chairs, beds, sofas, tables and bookcases; we remind you that you have available objects of KARTELL, BLASTATION, etc. that you can only see if you are professional.

Draw your projects and give them animation to surprise those who need a “wow-effect”. Click on 3D project and start playing with the new animated render.

On our YouTube channel you can find three new videos in which you will find a help to start introducing vector objects and start using dimensions in the professional version.

Including an architectural element, inserting a vector object, how to insert dimensions in Blophome professional.

Introducing the new professional version, intended for the professional sector: interior designers, architects, manufacturers, etc. .. What’s new from blophome professional? You can create your catalog, publish or not, and you can create your objects or your textures and make them public or not. FullHD Render, Render 360, BlopHome logo does not appear on the renders. Record blocks in your catalog. New lighting lamps. Import drawings in the most popular extensions (3DS, DWG, SKP, IGS, STL, FBX, DXF, OBJ) in your catalog. New product catalogs and expanded some existing ones: Maison du Monde, Smeg, Clasiccon, Abstract, Vitra.

We present the new version BlopHome Classic 2014, first of all we want to explain that we have three Blophome versions classic is the usual but with new features and new catalogs, BlopHome professional present shortly, as the name says is intended for professionals ask a little more BlopHome and BlopHome business that is customizable enterprise version.

From the catalogs, what bring them back?
Integration of web and application projects in the cloud, cloud renders, blocks of objects, new and stronger selection of objects, object finder, designed for touch screens, finishing textures, new features in fitting perspectives, new features in recording projects.

What's new in the catalogues?
Ikea 2014 updated, Blophome updated, Roca updated, Laufen updated and two more catalogs Gala and Silestone.