NEWS 2018


Camera editing. It allows to edit the camera and define it by parameters. In the Furniture tab, we have incorporated a new ‘CAMERA’ button that allows you to place the 3D camera in a visual way as if it were one more object in the scene. It is also possible to set their values of opening angle and height of point of view and point of destination.

Selection of objects with one click. To improve the navigation of the scene and facilitate positioning within it, we have changed the way objects are selected, now it is necessary to click on the object so that it passes to the selected state.

OpenGL optimization when the render is too slow. When there are many polygons or the graphic card is slow, blophome optimizes the render of work reaching the lines if necessary, so that the movement is faster.

It allows to drag textures on objects with finishes. Objects with defined finishes can be changed if desired by dragging any texture on the object.


IKEA. The Ikea Catalog is updated with the latest 2018 (Sofas and Armchairs, Furniture and Storage, Tables and Dining Rooms, Beds and Mattresses, Clothing Storage, Chairs, Lamps, Cooking and Dining, Decoration and Mirrors).

Fontanot. We have updated Fontanot, with spacesaver stairs and ramp stairs.

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