NEWS 2017

The newly launched versions of Blophome incorporate requests from Blophomers such as the PREMIUM versions which allow the user to enjoy features from the Professional version without the need to pay the full amount of that version.
For those who just want to take advantage of more catalogues we have the PREMIUM CATALOGS MEDIUM and the PREMIUM CATALOGS FULL.
For those who would like to use the FULLHD, Animation or 360/VR Renders we have the PREMIUM RENDERS.
And for those who wish to create their own 2D overlay Catalogue, include their own images for texturizing objects in the project or include their own Logo in the Render, we offer the PREMIUM IMAGES version.
It is also possible for users to combine their subscriptions for more than one PREMIUM version, adding functions, with each PREMIUM subscription requiring a separate purchasing process. We have created a comparison table for the different versions where you can see and compare the functions of all the Blophome versions.

For the PROFESSIONAL and the new PREMIUM IMAGES versions we have added new functions that allows the user to define the Logo image that appears in the Render and to determine its position, in the corners or centred. In My Site there is now a new Logos option which allows the user to create a list of Logos and to define their image and position.

We have launched a new image for the Web and for the application. The most significant changes include the new, less generic font and a contents layout which is adaptable to the various sizes of current devices, using all the available horizontal space and avoiding the use of the horizontal scroll. We hope this new image is to your liking and offers you a more enjoyable experience.


We have included new catalogues, some are contact catalogues and others are more detailed: Julia Grup, Kibuc, Decoramus, Benito, Maisons du Monde, Laufen. Blophome has a total of 42 catalogues.

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