“What a Dominoes is the human animal, the household and family home. It is to give man his shell."
Le Corbusier

Design for Apartments
When you think about designing your floor, you think in Le Courbusier´s words.
The rind, my rind, one that responds to who I am, what I do, what I need and primarily to the image that represents and contains me.
We can start to draw a floor from different places:

  • Quantity of meters
  • The peculiar distribution that the house owner prefers according to his own preferences, tastes or needs.
  • Number of members who compose the household, taking into account age and occupation.
  • Image and identity that the client wants to give his floor.
  • Family members’ particular needs.

All decorations must consider:

  • Clear circulation spaces
  • Dual circulation, defining the service area.
  • Proper location of the kitchen, contemplating its inner spaces, daily dining area, breakfast room, work area, if possible presence of central island according to the floors measure.
  • Bedroom sector, main bedroom location, taken into account the possibility of this being a suite, dressing rooms, zone of work or study inside bedroom, in case of this being a client´s need, nearness to the rest of bedrooms, contiguity with the babies' bedroom if they existed, areas of study in case of children or teenagers.
  • Location of the bathrooms that are not suites, differentiation of the bathroom according to sex and age of the children, toilette in the reception area.
  • Light sources, preserved and favored ventilation.
  • Service area: separated sink, ironing room, dependence and bath.
  • Exterior Spaces, balconies, terraces and their integration with interior areas.

Who designs a floor for another must reconcile all of these guidelines without neglecting his personal imprint.
The project must always bear in mind the client´s emotional image and aesthetic.
Home is the place where a person lives, where he finds safety and calmness. It differs to the concept of house, which simply refers to an inhabited place.


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