When we find ourselves before a situation which cannot change, the challenge is to change ourselves .Viktor Frankl

Victor Frankl invites us to challenge what is given and look further.

In decoration, we can do the same.
What is more concrete and bored than a hallway in a house?
Can we change the character of corridor? NO.
What we can change is our way to see it, without denying its character aisle, our eyes we can perhaps cause a difference...

  • The first thing is to contact the physical space, we must be aware of their real dimensions, check which ones are the environments that communicate with the corridor, and how are decorated and check if possible at least visually attach it to one or another space.
  • Usually the halls are not large spaces and tend to be dark and narrow; the color is a way to treat this reality.
  • If there is a natural light source, must be taken into account to assemble the decoration around it.
  • We could resort to light colors, pastels, light ocher, chalk; we will use to create depth, reliefs in plaster, etc.
  •  A wall covered with limestone.
  •  A tramp l´oeil on one wall, to give you a perspective that otherwise would not exist, a landscape, an imaginary sky.
  •  A mirror that reflects the color of the other wall or play with the reflections of those traveling on the corridor.
  •  Plant dry reeds, glass murals.
  • The floors could be wide or elongated, on different materials and sizes, micro cement, porcelain, stones.
  • In one corner, which does not obstruct the movement, a small water fountain, like feng shui tells, to give you a sound in this space.
  • A wall where they hang at different heights various tables of various dimensions.
  • Photographs in black and white or sepia, arranged in a single wall or that facing symmetrically on both walls or creating points of tension in the hall at the beginning or at the end.
  • Lighting is an important point. If it is a place where there are high ceilings, can be played with hanging lamps.
  • Also   you can use especial lights on paintings, photographs, eye trap, on sources that decorate the walls or corners.
  • Draw a visual screen with light beams to differentiate the lobby of the other spaces.  

 Just play with the imagination, in search of new answers


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