"When I've been working all day, a beautiful sunset comes find me."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


In those places that we stay, a great part of the day, it is important to feel comfortable and have an order.

To work to taste, to simplify the task, are the premises to take into account when designing an office.

Obviously not all offices are drawn for the same type of professions so each office will have its peculiarities according to the specialty concerned.
The size of the office, the function or hierarchy inside the company, the type of business, if it is an individual site or shared with others, if the office or studio is located inside or outside our residence. All is important for design.

The center of an office is the desk.

Continuing to the feng shui we would have to keep in mind the following things:

  • Favor the exterior views if they are beautiful.
  • Desks rounded or kidney-shaped.
  • Presence of decorative objects which it will transmit us its energy at work.
  • Plants, flowers, natural elements, fresh aromas that reflect vitality and positive energy.

If we talk about of offices shared, with characteristics of modules, according to the privacy that we need for our management is interesting to resort to different type of separator panels. Example: we talk about the transparency or virtual partitions. Fixed or mobile resources that create a separation although give an image of continuity in space.
Integrating visual space freed us from the burden and tension that means being in a small dark space or without escape.

Transparent frosted glass panels that let in light but maintain the privacy of those inside the office; there are even those which have some acoustic insulation.

The Japanese curtain is neither more nor less than a set of panels which cross all each other. To open the curtain panels could be collect all to one side, or half to the right and half to the left, or all in the center.
Features to consider when we decorate an office:

  • The place of the desktop, measures the room.
  • The desktop have not to impeding the path of those who enter the office
  • Walls with energizing colors and discreet

About the colors, the feng shui shows us the following

  • Blue connects us with ourselves, us towards introspection, and search.
  • Yellow helps us escape from routine,
  • Peach and terra cotta, salmon facilitate communication
  • Green boldness and creativity,
  • White objectivity


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