"Let's play in the forest while the wolf is not around"

Those who look back, to retrace the paths of childhood, does not remember, the unique time when taking advantage from the neglect of our elders, quietly, we painted our walls… , our world of crayons and fingers was recorded in one corner of the room ... or perhaps elsewhere, even more visible.
Decorating is also to play, with a light, with a color, with a texture, it is to be capable to imagine birds and open the cage.

The possibilities to decorate walls are infinite.

  • Coatings with different textures

  • Stones

  • Wallpapers

  • Stickers that simulate landscapes, portraits, animals or plants

  • Pictures arranged in different directions

  • Old photos

  • Postcards from different places

  • Traps of eye involving imaginary spaces

  • Exposed brick

  • Timber lining

  • False Styrofoam molding

  • Low plaster reliefs

  • Frames made with stencils or chablons

  • Guards with mirrors

  • Venetian

  • Micro cement

  • Murals

  • Panels that are bolted to the wall, producing different forms

It is a Technique of painting that seeks to give a sensation of transparencies and shades on the painting; usually it gives an aged aspect to the walls.
You can work the patina either with the same color applied in different tones, or with two or more colors.

Working with a sponge, the intended effect is to stain or mark. The type of texture achieved will vary depending on the sponge used, natural (vegetable or marine) or synthetic. You can also combine more than one color.

Similar technique, but the stain is made with cloth, apply with gentle strokes touring the texture of the cloth, rubbed in vertical or horizontal form, and rotating the canvas on the wall. It can also apply combined shades of the same or different colors.

This is the impression of an image on the wall based on templates
Nowadays there are stickers through which is also possible to print a picture on the wall, but this can be changed more easily than in the case of the stencil, allowing to renew the design without affecting the base paint.
They behave like sophisticated stickers. There are thousands of designs from the simplest to quite complex ones, and they are in most cases easy to place.

You work with a spatula to generate reliefs on the wall and then carry on painting using different techniques.
Let's play in the forest while the wolf is not around …to decorate walls


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