“Anyone who has ever prepared a meal for a loved one, whether family or friends may have experienced a pleasurable feeling when gathering in a big meal.
When the colors and flavors mingle with the cook´s certainty that the food will be exquisite, something happens through the cook, through the food, through the meditation path and it comes back later.
I guess you could call it love. People have enjoyed the food before eating. This is perceived by the chef and grows a sense of well-being.”
D. Scott y T. Pappas, Three Bowls Cookbook

Kitchen decor

Let's close the eyes and think about the time and place where we meet in our house, with our people.
Let's close the eyes and let's think about some familiar smells... maybe pancakes, maybe chocolate cake...
Let's follow the smell and we will open the magic door of the kitchen.
The kitchen is an essential area in any house.
The kitchen is a place where to remain, to relax and also to have our food.

  • Typical culinary activities like cooking, preparation, food storage, meet with non-culinary ones.
    • Dining Area.
    • Family meetings.
    • Children´s playground.
    • Working area.

It is absolutely necessary to determine what kind of activities we will carry out in the kitchen.
Lifestyle and needs should be considered, the kitchen sometimes is visualized as a multifunctional space.
If we refer to the original function of the kitchen we will have to distinguish among three zones.

  • Food preparation area.

  • Cooking area.

  • Washing area.

Food preparation area
It should be an area of easy access to both the washing and cooking area.
Kitchen countertop must have certain characteristics:

  • The kitchen countertops have to support high temperatures, liquid spill, Unforeseen knocks.
  • According to taste and use, it can be made of granite, stainless steel or wood.
  • The possibility of building a central island if a large space is available.

Countertop height.

Cooking area
In this area the color range, cook tops, storage furniture and fume hood are essential.

Washing area
Location of one or more sinks, dishwasher, and complementary worktops. From this basic work triangle, we start with the design of different areas that coexist in this functional space, which is now the kitchen:

  • Breakfast

  • Daily dining

  • Playground


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