A picture is never ended, it is never begun either, a picture is like the wind: it is something that always walks, never rests. “ Joan Miro
A picture is not just a decorative object is a path in which man finds his expression.
There are wonderful works of art that are displayed on the walls of the museum and we love their beauty, but would never be appropriate for our walls, bedroom or living room.

When we talk about decorating with pictures, we mean:
1.- Valuable picture that impact our senses and that is appropriate to take not only a place on the wall, but also in the imaginary space of our home.
2.- Images, particularly decorative reproductions, which are harmonious with our style, atmosphere, with our furniture and the color of the wall that we are decorating.

In either case you must take consider certain guidelines regarding placement:

  • Narrow places should be dominated by images whose shape is vertical.

  • Pictures must be placed horizontally when placed over the sofas.

We may either respect the symmetry at each end of the sofa or centralize the image.

  • In dark places, pictures with light colors are recommended.

  • In bathrooms or kitchens, reproductions of natural elements and landscapes are suitable.

  • The table height must always respect the level of the viewer's eyes.

  • If it is a valuable work of art, it must be respected as such. Main character of the decoration.

Old photos in black and white or sepia.

  • Before installing pictures, it is useful to see them on the floor to take an approach of how they would look on the wall.

  • The fishing line used in museums to hang the paintings are also applicable to hang pictures in big living rooms.

  • A picture can also be placed on the floor.

  • Stickers are interesting and can be applied directly on the wall, there are plenty of designs and patterns that can decorate a nursery, a teenager bedroom, simulate a landscape in a hallway or door.

There are endless possibilities to decorate and play with the images that pictures offer us.


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