It is interesting to make a difference between what is meant by the interior design and interior decoration.
Although in many publications both terms are used as if they were synonymous, they are not.
Design: Etymologically derived from the Italian word “disegno”, drawing, design, marks, and “things to come".
The future: It is the vision of the future represented graphically.
The fact is the work, what we do is the project.
The act of designing as foreshadowing: the previous process in the search for a solution or a set of them.

So we can say:
The interior design is the process of creating and developing a new space, taking into account the volumes, environmental psychology and functionality of the area we are dealing with.
The term “decoratio” comes from the Latin and refers specifically to the action of decorating, decorate a place or thing.
Interior design and interior decorating are not synonymous, but are closely related and meet the same criteria: meeting the functional and aesthetic needs of anyone who lives or intends to inhabit the space designed and decorated.
Dimensions of the environment that will be design:

Measures of space
Measures of space: (e.g. Bedroom 3.00 meters long by 2.80 wide) volume that must coexist in this space (e.g. different pieces of furniture to be placed in the environment)

Role of the environment

Distinguish whether the environment has a single function or several (ej loft)

Distinguish whether the space is for a single or more persons (household)

In the interior design field is the space itself and the man who inhabits it.
And this man puts into action all his senses.
A good design is one that responds to a complete sensory trial. The function and visual aesthetics really matter, but also the smells, the warmth or coolness, the light, color choice, the smoothness or roughness to touch of certain textures, and sounds around us or the absence of them.
The interior design not only meets the temporary standards, but also the social patterns.
Every historical moment, each society makes his mark and creates his own design.
Man and space are key players in this equation.
The decoration and interior design is an adventure that man undertakes, a search to find himself, in a place that not only is closely related, but friendly.
What is curious is that we belong to a place, and the place belongs to us.


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