Over time, the bathroom has gone through several stages and throughout history has been able to collect their own memories. From a public environment to the strictest privacy. From being considered a religious rite to denigrated for offending religion. From outside the house to being built as one of the most important room  that requires commitment design to have all the capabilities we require today.

These elements: comfort, saving of time, but also of water and energy, should force us to dedicate many hours to our bathroom, to take advantage of their use and to achieve a practical balance between harmony and practice.

For this we have technical equipment, functional and aesthetic that are mixed to get very specific effects. Devices to control the output of half-load or full load of tank water or thermostats for heating and water temperature, are some of them.

Our lack of time rarely allows us a bath, shower has gradually replaced the traditional bath. The current showers offer a high level of comfort and are more practical for daily use and we can even find them very sophisticated: a shower with tentacles that allow us to route the various jets of water to that part of our body that need it most or showers with LEDs of different colors to make a "color therapy" which pledges to reduce stress or increase our energy.

Aesthetics is part of our bathroom, and the details always show discreetly the comfort and luxury. The perfect harmony between materials, quality and style without diminishing its practicality and above all cleanliness and neatness.

In the past when you wanted to go to the toilet should go to the "silo" (or ditch) closest to our home. Today we have toilets that can analyze the waste and sends e-mails to our family doctor for any abnormalities, or sinks that suited the temperature of the water or lights that vary in intensity according to the day time.

But without falling into such sophistication, we shouldn't stop thinking about our bathroom design to respond to the functionality, aesthetics and cleaning required, and devoted much time and energy to fully comply with their fate.


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