zen  (禅)
Zen comes from Sanskrit and means meditation.
Zen Buddhist tradition integrates and reflects the intuition and spontaneity.
This is a series of complex doctrines and practices, whose central theme is self-knowledge.
While not wishing to deepen into the Zen philosophy, we approach to some concepts that have influenced decoration and art.
To understand Zen one must understand that everything has an essential structure.
It is precisely this essential structure what allows us to discover the characteristics of the trend.
Neutral colors, predominantly white, use of all ranges of beige, browns, earth tones, etc.
Monochromatic ranges.
Although there is a similarity with the minimalist style, in principle it rejects any dark range in color.
The Zen style tries to provoke feeling of calm, an air of mysticism and purity, using different resources like soft lights, neutral colors, etc.

Main features

1.   Exterior and interior diffused lighting .The light is oriented to   meditation.
2.   Paper Lamps
3.   Austerity and simplicity in the lines: Hegemony of straight lines without curves.
4.   Natural wood furniture, preferably beech with simple lines, gives an idea of order.
5.   Nobility in materials, natural fibers such as silk, cotton, linen, preferably rustic fabrics.
6.   Net shapes, without corners, essential aromas that accompany the particular needs of each environment.
7.   Spaces fit together like a geometric construction.
8.   Virtual separations with drawn screens, or paper.
9.   Small and few decorative items, candles and landscapes paintings.
10.  Rooms with smooth paths.

Bedroom Zen

The bedroom is, in a house, the space par excellence for rest and relaxation.
A bed of net lines, paper walls, diffused light, a carpet of non synthetic cloth, everything collaborates in order to produce a sensation of tranquility and calm.
Design is always an encounter between man´s imagination and technical tools that allow us to capture our idea.

BLOPHOME is a technical advance to serve the imagination.
BLOPHOME facilitates the task, it is an online tool that allows us to display rooms, panel them according to incorporated catalogs, 3D representations, over and over again until you get the desired image.
Rethinking about our spaces, putting them up or creating them is a challenge.

BLOPHOME is a simple way to visualize future distributions of the environments, all kinds of variations. It has complete tools for coating ceramic surfaces and creating environments, from single walls to entire rooms.


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