Decoration of an entrance hall

“It shines in front of us like a comet that disappears scattering infinite light with its light.” GOETHE

The initial moment is when you enter a house; it is the first image you receive from the other. First impressions are made in the blink of an eye as the door swings open and a newly arrived guest lays his/her eyes inside of your home for the first time.

 The lobby and the grand foyer plays an important role, it is the main contact between the outside and the inside. We come from Yang to enter Ying, we come from a world that moves fast to enter in an own world full of peace and tranquility.

It is fundamental for Feng Shui, the flow of energy, the positive thinking when we open our house for us or for visitors.

The first visual impact we receive when we enter a house is the lobby, a bright and nice hall will distribute the energy all over the house, and will fill our visitors with serenity and with all the positive energies that expands and circulates.

Ying and Yang are both vital forces who govern the universe. They are opposites who complement of each other and together they form TAO, harmony.

How to manage this harmony in the lobby:

  • Warm, bright and luminous colors.

The measure and the bright of the lobby will be the main parameter when talking about the intensity of colors.
The bigger is the hall, the higher possibilities of playing with color ranges, dual color mixtures or monochromes with different shades.
In small rooms, without any doubt, the choice of colors must be directed to light colors, chalk, ivory,

  • Brightness, strength and darkness usually retain chiwhich will result in negative energy.

Poor lighting, lamps that are adapted on pictures, stand lamps, ancient lamps, can be a point of attraction, a different corner
Fresh flowers are always a welcome addition, hydrangea (ying), daisies (yang)

  • Lateral or facing mirrors generate perspective.

The mirror frames or pictures are a significant element inside the hall decoration. There are several types of frames, materials, woods, pottery, acrylic, glass, metal.

  • Small and decorative fountains
  • Light wood furniture
  • Consoles or tables without tops.
  • Pictures, photographs over furniture.
  • Ancient, modern, minimalist, metal, wood, bone Racks.
  • Umbrella stands
  • A different touch can be achieved when using an ancient element that personalizes the hall. For example an antique salamander stove.
  • If there is an exterior window, it is very important that the landscape is integrated. There must be concordance between the outside and the inside, an esthetic balance.
  • In the lobby we should never leave unpaid invoices, working tools or credit cards as they concentrate negative energy.


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