“The style is, in short, the inimitable signature that the artist leaves in every work. This is his world and not another. This is what differentiates one artist from another.”
Raymond Carver

Decorating an apartment - Styles
We will continue the tour through different styles

Ethnic style
Ethnic group is a term that comes from the Greek. It means town, community, something that shares historic roots, language and a series of contents of intellectual and social character.
When we talk about ethnic style in decoration, it refers us to an esthetical that points to what is tribal, looking through the African, Hindu, or South American culture. This style´s main feature is a great mixture of beliefs, intercultural objects and the quest for what is primitive.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Hot colours inspired on the earth such as orange or brown.

  • Splash of colour that simulates different animals' skin likes zebras, giraffes or tigers.

  • Rustic materials and objects such as bamboo, rice paper, mats, wicker, stones, banana sheets, spikes, cane.

  • Craft products, made by the man and far away from the industrial process.

  • Dark furniture, wengue wood.

  • Ivory adornments made of copper, bone or wood, animal´s forms.

Arabic Style
Because of the Muslim invasion Spain received a strong Arabic influence, which provoked changes in all fields, and certainly in decoration.
Exotic, overloaded, sensual and in many cases provocative style, we can say about it that whether we like it or hate it, average term does not exist because it points to our emotional side .

The Mozarabic architecture is characterized by two fundamental presences:

  • One: Water, wonderful gardens with mirrors of water as an absolute protagonist in the exterior and inside the houses.

  • Two: Intense baroque floral ornaments.

Its principal characteristics are:

  • Decorated doors, carved or worked in relief, enamelled venecitas, stained inlaid glass.

  • Fabulous designs of carpets, rugs, saris, pillows.

  • Materials such as copper, wood, silk, velvet.

  • Colours such as pink, burgundy, orange, brown.

  • carved inlaid furniture.

  • Water sources, plants and flowers.

  • Subtle light.

It is a word that comes from the Greek "eklegein", it means to choose.
In philosophy it designates the compatibility of points of view, mixtures and combinations working to achieve a whole.
In decoration it is a quest for the successful and harmonic combination of different aesthetic elements that come from different sources.
The reality is that beyond this simple list of decoration styles there are many more styles, art, country, Sabby chic, etc, which contain each other, sometimes they are opposites, but they flow together.


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