"Sleep is an involuntary poetic art..."


Decorating my bedroom
If there is a place inside the house that we associate with dreams it is the bedroom.
The first step in the design of the bedroom will be to select the most suitable space.  We will consider size, location and ventilation.
There are several areas that can be covered according to individual needs.

  • Rest area.
  • Dress Area.
  • Working area.
  • Snack area.

Currently, even such intimate spaces like the bedroom fulfill more than one function, if the size permits. When this is the case, we must try to differentiate the areas through a careful design of the room.
According to feng shui the bedroom is one of four key areas of the house (bedroom, kitchen, foyer, dining room).

According to Feng Shui all the beds should have backrests, this concept refers to security. The backrest should support the wall that is not in direct line to the entrance and must not rest on the wall adjacent to a bathroom.
Currently, there are plenty of models of beds with or without support, which are located at different heights from the floor.
Feng shui proposes a wall with no ornaments, except the headboard.
The choices beyond the suggestions of feng shui will have to coincide with the style that we want to give the bedroom and with the needs There a lot of things that can be used for decoration: photographs, small pictures or one big picture that dominates the wall, family photos, modern decor with stickers, a trick of the eye that recreates an imaginary landscape, ultimately the choice will depend on our personal touch.
In respect to the bedside tables there are a lot of possibilities of models or substitutes, small antique boxes, or antique sewing machines.
According the Feng shui, the mirrors, must be inside the closets, but if we ignore this principle, we can place them on walls opposite to the window to achieve perspective or even at the entry of a room when this one is small to give him an optical effect of expands the space.

Dress Area
Where can we the clothes be put?

  • The Dressing area is: An area only for dressing, and can be separated from the room or inside at the room
  • Closets side the room with metal doors, wood, frosted glass, light; can be integrate with the decor of the room
  • Closets with no door,
  • Comfortable in different styles, with drawers, with hangers, etc.

Work Zone
If the bedroom and its size permits can draw a space for reading or work:

  • Desktop
  • PC
  • Libraries
  • Shelving

In all cases should be separated from the main area, by color modules.

There are bedrooms with access to a garden, patio or balcony, in these spaces can be designed a small breakfast either by closing with polycarbonate, placing chairs or small couches and coffee tables.


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