Decorating a Bathroom

Traditionally, for interior design, the bathrooms were forgotten, left out. Now, drawing a bath, is an important theme in the decoration of a house.
According to feng shui, the bathroom brings negative energy which must be balanced. But, for the common one of us, after a hectic day of work, is the possibility of a stop on the way. A shower, a bath, in a pleasant, perfumed, can repair our energies and Humor.
Having in tells this, in the present, to decorate a bathroom it gives a new dynamism, in some cases it organizes almost as a domestic spa, scented baths, Scottish showers, small saunas, etc.
Then, the bathroom becomes a place to comfort and relax.
Zen trend has emphasized the decoration of the bathroom in an image of order, clarity and perfection of line. The same happens with minimalist trend.

  • Environments with clear lights, neutral colors, monochromatic palettes.

  • Furniture with straight lines and light wood.

  • Aromas through dry leaves, essential oils, prepared as a decoration on the toilet tank

  • Small water sources

  • Mirrors brings depth to the bathroom

  • Bathroom Accessories, soap dishes, towel racks, plays an organizational role. All of them must be harmonics

  • If we talk about lavatories, there are numerous designs.

  • Made of different materials, porcelain, glass, stainless steel.

  • An important issue is the bathroom lighting. When you place furniture and accessories in the bathroom, keep in mind, do not hinder the natural light. The lights should be placed on the sides of the mirrors to prevent shadows that occur if you are above the mirror, in the case of opting for that location would be advantageous if it were an elongated lamp with several lamps for the purpose to avoid producing shadow cones.

There are certain rules that give the feng shui for neutralize negative energy of the bathroom.

  • Presence of large mirrors to balance the chi.

  • Doors and toilet lids must remain closed.

  • Colors like blue, gray, cream energy balance.


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