Decoration Trends 2010

“Originality consists in returning to the origin” ANTONI GAUDI

Thinking about an own space means to thing about yourself, and thinking about yourself goes back to the own origin.
The interior design without the man who lives in it, it is an empty idea, incomplete.
It is a dance without dancers…

Trend: It is a direction, a course, a prevailing movement in a particular place and time that interacts with the actual style and past trends.

Art, Design and every creative expression is subject to trends which are cyclical.
They are cyclical and also different, sometimes barely others substantially different, but invariably linked by the invisible thread of its center and motor, of who creates, imagines them and finally are used by men.

Men and space lead the interior design.

When we talk about decoration trends it can be summarized in one sentence of the famous architect, Antonio Gaudí “Originality consists in returning to the origin”.

Returning to the origin means:

  • The presence of Art in everyday objects

Duchamp in his theory of the lost energy says that all those elements that usually go unnoticed when relocated in a different environment they resize themselves and discovered as an object of art.

  • Coating in rustic materials

Stone, they go with silk, tapestries.
The eclecticism in the mixture of materials and styles is a permission that our imagination gives us.
Textures are combines in order to create new textures allowing us to play with colors.

  • Open spaces, integrated kitchens are synonym of functionality.

The lack of space is a common denominator.
Having few meters conflicts requires us to optimize what we have.
One way is to incorporate to the same environment multiple spaces, giving them functionality and the use we need taking advantage of light, which sometimes is unique.
They can be totally integrated or have virtual divisions, modules, glass bricks, iron columns…
Everything is permitted as long as it makes a harmonious visual integration.

  • Trend fresh colors

The Renovation of color. Recovering, recycling what you have and pointing to natural palette, fresh greens, sky blues, natural pearls, personalizing the rooms, taking light into account, its function and our own imprint.

Rethinking about our spaces, putting them up or creating them is a challenge.

BLOPHOME facilitates the task, it is an online tool that allows us to display rooms, paneled them according to incorporated catalogs, 3D representations, over and over again until you get the desired image.

BLOPHOME is a technical advance to serve the imagination.

Our footprints are unique, through them everybody recognize us, and they point out our origin.

My home is my shelter, an emotional piece of architecture, not a cold place of convenience. LUIS BARRAGÁN.



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