"While other things are lost over the years, let´s keep Christmas as something bright. .... Returning to our children "(Grace Noll Crowell)

Christmas Decoration
There are dreams we keep in boxes, there are dreams that are reborn every December 24th when the promise of a more just seems simple.
Mangers, filled with cones green trees, colored balls, angels that appear in each corner and children confidently expecting that Santa Claus has not forgotten and Jesus child to bless again...
Celebration is the spirit of Christmas decoration, to go back and meet with whom we used to be.
How can I do to transform that spirit in color, in ornaments for Christmas?
The proposal is to decorate with the eyes of a child.
We can use different ornaments with different meanings.

  • White or colored candles, enclosed in glass globes.
    They can be either part of centerpieces, appear on the climbing ladder or near the manger.
    Its meaning: The tradition says that when Jesus was born he was only lighted by a candle.
  • Lights with different colors arranged in the fireplace, on the tree.
    Its meaning:  They symbolize the same as candles.
  • Flower garlands, made of pine, of  wooden bird, with natural plants or colored cloth and everything  decorated with fruits, ribbons, teddy bears, candies or nuts on the front door or on the fireplace.
    Its meaning: They symbolize eternal life.
    Red Socks:  They usually hang from the chimneys and they are the joy of children, full of candies, gifts or coins.
    Its meaning: Santa Claus, moved by the poverty of an old man, threw coins into the hollow of the chimney, and his old socks that had been forgotten over the fireplace became full of coins.
  • Angels of different materials like ceramic, glass or cardboard;  angels with open wings or collection articles adorn different rooms, centerpieces, manger,  adorning  tables;  manger, suspended in the corners, or as support of the candles are a classic at Christmas .
    Its meaning:  They are the messengers, the spirits who wander between heaven and earth, bearers of news.  They announced to the Virgin her motherhood. They carry hope, love and mercy.
    Stars decorate the Christmas tree, the manger, the driveway.
    Its meaning:  They indicate the way forward, they are a symbol of hope and light.
  • Piñatas: The children´s illusion, located near the center table, hanging from the ceiling and ready to explode, full of candies.
    Its meaning: They were originally used by the Spanish friars to approach the Indians and represent the three theological virtues. Faith, hope and charity.

Green or white trees, decorated with colored spheres, with natural elements such as cones or mistletoe´s leaves, a magical plant that symbolizes the promise of love, mangers of dissimilar materials like wood, glass or ceramics all together ready to open our hearts and to wait again for the baby Jesus’ cry.


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