If there is only room without suns or planets in it, then space loses its essence.

Studio and Office Design
We will define space:
Extension where the stars, the planets and the galaxies move.
Place that an object occupies.
Regarding our today´s issue, drawing, designing a studio or an office,”the place that occupies an object”, the second definition, is perhaps the most appropriate, but personally I prefer the first.
The space in which we spend much of our time working, studying, serving customers, whatever the fate of the office and our occupation, must be able to host stars, planets and galaxies, this means a place able to have everything  we need to work with peace, joy, and dedication.
The work space may be a separate space or a space in our residence for economic and / or personal reasons.
The optimization of the room depends primarily on the dimensions.

The decoration depends on several things:
1.- Measures of the space.
2.- If the space is inside our house or not.
3.– There are differences among an architect´s studio, a painter´s studio, a lawyer´s office, etc., and we could go on indefinitely enumerating professions.

But we can establish general premises according to certain professions.
Lawyers, doctors, and real estate brokers´ offices

  • Neutral colors, sober, without great contrasts, stripped monochromatic environments, tidied, minimalist.
  • Separate areas of work, reception, more privacy in the rooms. The division may be done through modules, libraries or panels made of glass or paper, using the color of the wall.
  • Furniture suitable for papers. Made-to-measure furniture to take advantage of the spaces.
  • Proper lighting, desk and floor lamps.
    Studies of Architects, Painters, Sculptors
  • More vibrant colors, warmer, causing a greater perception of identity.
    Another alternative, absolute white, ivory, neutral, a place that allows evaluating the works, murals and models produced in the studio.
  • Large windows that permit as much daylight as possible.       
  • Shelves, racks, different materials, metal, iron, glass.
  • Standing lecterns, floor lamps.

In decoration and design of an office or studio, the main character is the man who dresses the place with his Suns, his planets, his galaxies...


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