I cannot really express what a beautiful place is, but the image of that place will remain present in my memory very clearly.
Tadao Ando

Decorating a store.
Without going deeply into planning of a store yet, it is important to determine the definition of image because this concept should be carefully considered when designing a store. Image design, the consistency among the product, the company and the store is very important. 

Meaning of image: The visual representation of an object using different techniques of drawing, painting, photography, and video. The mental representation of an object, person or event.
Images are not concepts. They are isolated in their significance. They just tend to exceed their significance. Gaston Bachelard

Continuing with the store design, we will have to listen carefully to the company or individual who decides to open it, understand the image that they want to build and transmit, the kind of customer they want to reach, the type of product or service they sell and how they will display the product.
Taking into account this information as well as the size of the store we:

  • Decorate the shop according to the desired image
  • Internal division areas
  • Stained glass
  • Reception area
  • Display area of the product for the customer
  • Tester areas
  • Billing zones
  • Output zones

The colors and furniture will agree to the original project and the specific needs of each store according to the market.  
In the decoration of a shop it must prevail the visual impact that causes the need to look again.
You stop because you are seduced by the harmony, curiosity, pleasure, surprise that the glass and / or decoration of the place cause on your senses.

Have in mind that we possess five senses, touch, hearing, smell, vision, taste; it is interesting to involve all of them for the decoration.

Textures, smells, aromas, music, colors, volumes, all mixed; they must interact, without losing sight of their differentiated function.

All of them together in a place where people come and go trying to satisfy a need either through a product or through a service.

It is very important to consider the tastes of the public to whom the product is intended (language, clothing, etc.)


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