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Designing the dining room

It is the place to meeting, with the family gathering and with friends to share, far more than a luncheon or a dinner.
In feng shui, the dining room is one of the four key environments of the house
In Chinese culture the moment of feeding is a ceremony, the food nourishes the soul and the body, the vital rite of feeding should be do in an atmosphere full of peace and calm.
From feng shui, we can take some general guidelines to design a dining room:

  • The ideal form of the dining room is square or rectangular.
  • The best location of the dinner table is at the back of the room
  • Recommended way for the table: round without right angles that cause lost of the positive chi energy.
  • Heavy curtains will prevent the escape of chi and will  propose a more  protected space from external influences
  • The color, of walls, the upholstered ones, etc, has great importance in cheer up the of the people
  • Recommended colors to achieve a positive climate are:
    • Light blue: it gives relax, calm.
    • Green:  it gives pleasure.
    • Red: It opens the appetite.
    • Orange: It improves communication.

To design a functional dining room is necessary to consider:

  • Location of dining room
  • The dining room could be integrated with living room or kitchen.
  • In such cases it must be harmonized the decoration of the room with the environment that integrates.
  • The proximity between the kitchen and the dining room is suitable for various reasons: Transfer of food, temperature conservation, etc.
  • It is important to maintain good circulation in the dining room. The diners should be able to move comfortably
  • Warm lighting, in pastel colors, centered on the table, it is important not dazzle diners
  • By selecting the dining table, keep in mind the overall style chosen: to a more sophisticated and elegant style a table with a glass cover is adequate, to a more rustic and informal style, a good choice is a table-top of pine or incense.
  • In the decoration of the dining room is important to consider the harmonization of tablecloths, sets of dishes, cutlery sets, etc and other accessories.
    You will find a harmony of contrast or color symmetry.


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