Decorating an apartment - Styles

In another article, we discussed the planning of a floor, spaces, number of meters, distribution, needs, tastes and / or preferences of those who live there.

Today we will refer to decoration in particular.

Once each room has been distributed and assigned functionally, we should dress them.


Style in decoration or art is the system of images, of means and procedures of artistic expression, conditioned by a unit of esthetical, ideological and historical social contents. In other words is the esthetical proposal that a society or culture presents in a historical determined moment.

There are different styles that have developed over time:

  • Classical and his variations: renewed classical, neoclassical.
  • Baroque
  • Kitsch
  • Rusticate
  • Romantic
  • Retro
  • Minimalist
  • Zen
  • Oriental
  • Ethnic
  • Arabic
  • Eclecticism

From ancient times, through his artistic expression, man has looked for forms, colours, and volumes that identify him, that distinguish him and they have materialized in different styles.


Pure, net and simple lines. It is not object to the fashion or current trends. It suggests seeking balance and harmony in colours and forms. Classical style is characterized by the intention to use neutral colours such as tan or brown combined with stripes. The neoclassical style of stripped lines and net volumes appeared in the eighteenth century, although it consolidated in the nineteenth. It is inspired in the ancient forms, Greece, Rome, for example: the classic lamps with base of ionic column, the furniture with lion's paws and claws.

The Italian Renaissance, the Imperial French, the English Regency, the Biedermeirer booming in Germany and Austria in the early nineteenth century again occupies floors and rooms decorated in neoclassical style.

Timeless furniture, refined beauty. Large drapes, flowers, murals are the renewed version of the classical style.


Baroque style appears after the Renaissance. It Breaks away from the simple line to look for a new equilibrium, where the curve and voluptuousness, the vegetable ornamentation, the profusion of marbles and complicated designs tiles replace the ancient equilibrium for a new dynamism. There is an over-production of visual stimulation in the baroque style. Baroque style is a theatrical and emotional art, its colours are saturated, and its main characteristic is the living room, with profusion of gold.           

The favourite materials in this type of decoration are satin, silk, the velvet, stamped textures, heavy textiles, and Persian carpets. Big contrasts.


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