Children decoration

"One may not be from any country but the country of the infancy"

Syria Poletti

Children's room decoration
Sometimes the universe is enclosed in a room.
We can create an imaginary world for our children in their room; this is the space where the small children spend most of the time.
Then it is vital for this environment to be warm and functional, where the baby or the child can exercise their ability to play and learn, and where he finds a suitable space to rest and have privacy.
Regarding children´s room decoration it is necessary to distinguish between:

  • Babies 0 to 2 years

  • Children 3 to 7 years

  • Children 7 to 12 years

This division is arbitrary and simply speaks about different needs because they are distinct stages of development.
Babies´ bedroom

  • Safety is one of the most important issues (e.g. plugs’ location)

  • Ventilation and insect protection, safe from drafts.

  • Dim lights.

  • stimulate learning using objects hanging from the ceiling

  • The ceiling is also a factor in stimulating the baby, because he spends much time in bed looking at it so we can paint it in a vibrant color or put some image of stars, planets, etc.

  • Pastel colors that convey peace and tranquility

  • Functional furniture:  cot, changing table, baby chair.

Children from 3 to 7 years

  • The safety factor is still important, but children of this age have acquired other capabilities and we have to take care of other aspects.
    (E.g. protection of windows, handles on the drawers, which prevent young child's curiosity to touch things that put him in danger)
  • Wider playing space, playground.

  • Space for school work.

  • Furniture able to adapt as the child grows

  • Non-slip floor because the child begins to develop psycho-motor ability and to increase mobility.

  • We can leave a bedroom wall for the boy to express his creativity; this space will be completely his to finger paint, to design as he wants, etc.  It is an effort, but it is worthy in terms of child development.

Kids from 7 to 12 years

  • At this stage the furniture must respond to the transition to puberty or adolescence. Bookshelves, cabinets or modules that allow them to store their toys in an orderly manner. Desk and computer.

  • The decoration of the room should reflect the tastes of that kid who grows and shares with other children in their activities.

Growth is a constant and a challenge that should be seen in time to decorate and design rooms for children and adolescents.


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