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We all have watches in our homes: some of us are more manic with the theme and we love having one in each room; others, however, we have enough with a couple of them in the most important rooms of the house. It is an everyday object that defines us as people. From the amount of them we have around to the style or model they are, every detail speaks of whether we are perfectionist, punctual, classic, romantic, breakthrough ... Perhaps this is why today there are millions and millions of these products in the stores, and it is very difficult to find one that is exactly the same as another. When choosing a watch for our home, in addition, you have to make many decisions before you can focus on style or colors.Do we want a table or wall? Do we want it to be digital analog? Do we need you to have an alarm clock or radio?

From furniture to decorative accessories, Maisons du Monde creates inspiring and original universes for the whole home and, above all, for all styles. Offer of multiple styles that combines furniture and decoration.


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